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Local Companies Tapping Blogs for Advertising

When Ms. Janette Toral posted a topic in her blog Reflective Thinking which she entitled "
Connecting with Bloggers: Ask a question, interview me, tell something about you, and let's meet!

I immediately took the privileged of posting and asking her a question through the comment section of her blog. This is my questions which I asked:
"Do you have plans for us, Filipino bloggers, specially those who want to make money online, to convince our local business firms to advertise or put their ads in our respective blogs? Just like you got here in your blog where you post local ads as your sponsor?"
When I asked this I been apologetic because I was thinking that it was a silly question. However, Mam Janette did not take it that way. She even posted her answer to her Blog. She entitled it as "Make Money Online Through Blog Advertising" On this post she informed us that she is now doing an experimental regarding Local Companies Tapping Blogs for Advertising.

And I am glad that we filipino bloggers have one thing to look forward to (in the near future I hope) with regards to monetizing our blog. I wish that Mam Janette's experiment will be successful and be open to us filipino bloggers. Just like Nuffnang of Malaysia.

I am not trying to insinuate that we will copy what Nuffnang is offering to Malaysian Bloggers but this will serve as a model to us.

This is the dream of Nuffnang: To create an opportunity for local advertisers to reach out and experience the power of blog advertising in Malaysia.

And it seems they become successful with this endeavor. Nuffnang's Motto is “It’s not what one blogger can do, it’s what 1,000 can.”
When Nuffnang was conceived, our inspiration and ultimate goal was to give power to the blogosphere and go where one blogger will never be able to go alone.
That’s why we built a system that works not just to include the more prominent bloggers of the blogging scene, but also bloggers with a more modest but significant readership: those as low as 20 unique visits a day. -Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang


  1. Thank you for the kind note. The program I referred to in my blog post is already ongoing where Club members can participate. You can sign up if interested at

    Thank you.

  2. hi there, i am also holding a mini contest $100 giveaway, visit me for more details, leave me a comment!

  3. Hi Mam Janette,

    Thanks for the added info.
    Wish I could join your club
    and pay for my registration.

    But as of this moment I am
    trying to prove to myself that
    I could make money online without
    spending any cent.

    Thanks a lot for dropping by Mam.

  4. Hi etienne,

    thanks for the invitation.
    I will check the mechanics
    of your promo later..

    Thanks again.


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