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FLIXYA : Share Everything

The man behind this avatar is inviting you to try Flixya: Share Everything. This new site is powered by Google. It is like Friendsters, MySpace, and YouTube rolled into one. But the best thing about this site is its revenue sharing program using your google adsense account. And take note, the revenue generated from your own Flixya Site is given to you 100%.

One more best thing about using Flixya is you do not need to be an expert in tweaking HTML codes, because everything is already put in place including the google ads. All you have to do is just upload the photos and the videos you want to share. Also, in here you can write your own blog too. Isn't it great?

Flixya has a Help Center where you can learn how to set-up your own site. Also it provides Tips to Increase Revenue from your flixya site. One of the tips is about Spreading your Links. And I quote below:

Here are some ways to share links to your media and drive traffic:

  • Post on Blogs or Website (yours and others you can access.)
  • Email to Friends
  • Post on online discussions forums and chat rooms
  • Bookmark on sites, like Digg, reddit, and StumbleUpon.

Indeed, Flixya is also a social network where you can meet online friends by adding and inviting other flixya users. The more friends you have the more chances for your flixya site to be visited. Your visitors will have a chance to watch your photos and videos you uploaded and as well as read your blog posts too. Meaning, you have a great chance to earn more from google adsense.

Let that man on that picture invites you because he may look stupid but his stupidity is his strength. He wants you to earn some money too with flixya. Good Luck and do not forget to add him as your friend after you set-up your own flixya site!

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  1. salamat sa pag post ng flixya
    hehehe I have a chance to earn
    from adsense even I do not know
    how to use



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