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I just join Smorty

I just join Smorty. This is the service site where its main existence is to serve and connect advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers will be catered to a sure way of boosting its search engine rankings with quality inbound links from thousands of blogs. And in return, Bloggers will get paid to blog by writing opinions about peoples products, services and websites on their respective blogs.

Smorty is just right for all bloggers who want to earn money online. It is free to join. You just need to fill-up some personal informations about yourself. Also, you must have an existing blog/s and submit it for approval with Smorty. Once your blog is approved, you can now start accepting offers from advertisers.

What I am doing right now is writing a review about Smorty. That is because Smorty is my first client who wants me to write a review or opinion about its site. After this write up, which must be more than 150 words, I am going to submit it for approval and then if my post impresses smorty then thats the time I will be paid. Smorty offers a whooping $6.00 for just writing a unique review about its site. How about that?

Get paid to blog, get paid for blogging, and blog for money are the phrases which we always read and see from those so many sites which promises to make money online. However, as far as I am concern, in my more than a year of blogging I think Smorty is the most easiest way to join with, the most achievable money making site ever and most of all the fastest way to get paid for blogging. ( After your post is approved, money will be sent to your PayPal Account.)

If you are in doubt then wait for my next post in a few days from now. I am going to report how this review is pairing with smorty. Wanna bet? Just joking! Just don't forget to return here, okay?

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  1. This post is approved by Smorty
    5 days after I posted it earns me $6.00.

    After a few days, the $6.00 was sent to my PayPal accounts.

    Wow! this is the most fastest money making online today.

    why not try smorty am sure you will love it!



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