STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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I read this statement from other blog two nights ago but sadly I do not remember what was the url or name of that particular blog. It says "Blog is no longer exclusive for writing your personal diaries or experiences but it is now about making money while blogging..."
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I could remember that statement because it is somehow related to this blog's existence. Below is part of my post entitled What is Stentorized Blog :
Stentorized Blogs are not simply online diaries or journals, although many such exist. While there are many people blogging to simply speak with friends or family. However in Stentorized Blog it is more on making money online where our businesses is to make our opinion or reviews on anything of everything by blogging it loud.
Well, it is really indeed bringing the blogging phenomenon to the next level. This next level is about monetizing your respective blogs. Posting or writing what you usually wanted to express or share while making money out of it is now the trend. Most bloggers now tend to accept and embrace this new kind of internet's earning opportunities. This is now the reality. This is now the norm amongst bloggers. Stentorized your blog now!


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