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I do not know about Shawty until I visited the blog of Silkenhut's World. I could not believe it but the word itself is now commonly used most specially in several popular songs today. For example, Get it Shawty by LLoyd, Shawty by Plies Ft. T-Pain, Buy you a drank (shawty snappin) by T-Pain f Young Joc and Shortie Like Mine by Bow Wow.

Well, for those who do not know the meaning of Shawty. Shawty, according to this source, means a Southern derivation of “shorty” or “shortie” — has multiple meanings, according to several Internet slang dictionaries. It can reference a good friend, a small child, a newcomer or even someone shorter than you. However, the most prevalent use, and the one found in those songs,mentioned above, is to describe a girlfriend or particularly attractive woman.

Shawty is now one of the most searched keywords that hit the search engines today. If you make a post about it you will surely optimized your blog to make it more shawty to your respective blog's visitors. Come and join Silkenhut's World for this optimization campaign. Good Luck!

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