STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Why there are Adsense on this Blog

There are Adsense on this blog because it is a part of the experiment or project with regards to my purpose to make the word "stentorized" be popular even to the advertisers alike. So far only the keywords "blog" and "blogging" are being targeted by the Google Adword on this blog. The word stentorized is not yet used for Adword advertising. Hope the google Adword will also used it.

Anyway, since we are talking about advertising. I would like to present a few points from QAds101 on why it is popular to most Advertisers to put an ads in blogs.

  1. Given the reach of blogs, and their level of interactivity, blogs offer advertisers an easy way to reach customers. Blogs, unlike websites, are flourishing and popping up in every niche topic.

  2. Consumers are spending as much time, if not more, online than in front of the television

  3. Customers seek out blogs for what is going on in the world, for product information, and for the newest and best information about everything. More and more blogs are being created everyday, with more and more attention from both big media and your customers.

  4. Advertising on blogs puts you in front of people who are making decisions, buying products, and influencing others.

The only problem here is how to maximize your earning potentials with advertisers or with Adsense in particular. You have the blog and you have the adsense but could you earn at least the minimum requirement of cash earnings which google adsense set? Yes of course as what the majority says and I agree. However, my big question is how long you gonna reach the minimum before you received the check payment from adsense?

Well, base on my experience, I been with adsense since the year 2006 and my recorded earning as of this writing is $9.97 . This figure will surely shows that you really can earn from Adsense. But if you notice the length of time it is already a year and I still have earn this much.

So, what I shall do is to make it to the minimum and this is one of the reasons why there are Adsense in this blog. I have my money in Adsense however I could not get it because I must have reach the minimum of $100.00 . And so at this point I would like to stentorized that you can help me realize this by participating on my experiment or project through making this stentorized blogging be popular. Would you join me?


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