STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Stentorized Blogging for a global social network

Just like the majority of blogs created everyday Stentorized Blogging is also for a global social network where thousands of friendships are made every day. The process of reading other people's blogs, leaving comments, linking to them, inevitability starts the process of forming friendships and relationships. Of course, there are spats and squabbles, and even cliques, but by and large it is these relationships that make stentorized blogging what it is.

These relationships have an interesting facet when it comes to business. Markets are conversations in the truest sense in the blogosphere - employees, customers, investors all talk and participate in the blogosphere. Most likely, your company has been talked about by someone - customers are taking a more active role now than ever in actively participating in buying decisions and company feedback. Businesses now have a unique opportunity to get in, listen, and react to this commentary, and to take lead on their own blog if they so wish. This conversation, this dialogue, is emerging as an important shift to business communications.

So, Stentorized Blog "posts" will be the catalyst in bringing the blogging phenomenon to the next level. A Stentorized post is basically an article, written in varying styles and lengths but this time with some new perspective opinions or ideas in an offbeat manner. Meaning a simple and passive article will be more active and provocative for the world to read. Stentorized Blogging might be considered as an offbeat from the mainstream blogging.

But this is how it should be and let us start building a global social network of stentorized bloggers.

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