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STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Project AGLOCO is now stentorized

I hereby announce that Project AGLOCO blog made it to the front page in the google search engine results after you typed the word stentorized. I would like to commend Mr. Jidon Iskandar for recognizing and accepting my challenge to make the word stentorized be popular in the blogosphere. He did not just used the word but actually reviewed Stentorized Blogging to his blog Project AGLOCO. Also I am so touched by this gesture because Jidon did not just reviewed it but pasted also the image cut-out of the header of this blog. Thanks a lot for that, Jidon.

"Project AGLOCO blog is a series of posts with all the information about AGLOCO. The company activities, the people behind it, the concept of the revenue sharing business, technology involved and Viewbar. All the new updates of the AGLOCO community. Plus a little bit about how to make money through internet and other interesting topics."

I am sure Jidon has a lot to offer in his blog Project AGLOCO. One is his unique way of presenting the concept of agloco to his readers. His contents are well polished and the presentations are interesting and alive. You will be well informed also with other topics on that blog.

Project AGLOCO as I have just learned is also giving a free review for your blogs and for further detailed informations as to how to avail a free review from Jidon just click the link which will direct you to the Mini Review Program .

Good Luck guys!


  1. Dear Johnny,

    Thank you for stentorized my Project AGLOCO in your great blog. Actually I'm very impressed about your concept in blogging and thanks again for your nice words about my blog. I'm very appreciate that. Thanks in advanced Johnny.

    Best wishes,
    Project AGLOCO

  2. thanks Jidon

    you too as well..


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