STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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BlogSkinny Stentorized the Blogosphere

It was from my surfing to other blogs that I first StumbleUpon but sad to say I did not remember the title of that blog and its URL. However, I remember that while I was reading the content of that blog my attention was caught on the Blogskinny orange icon right on its sidebar and immediately click on that icon. -Which eventually opted me to register all my blogs for free in directory.

Submitting your blog to free directory
databases is a great way to generate traffic and get
readers. Over the last two years, blog databases and
peer rating sites have become a popular way to help
readers find the blogs they are interested in.

The number one question asked related to blogging,
particularly for new bloggers, how do I increase my
readership? For the beginner, the best option is
to register your blog in blog directories and rating
sites, such as this one.The number of blogs available
on the Internet is staggering. And the growth rate
is even more amazing. Registering your blog will help
people find your content.

Those statement above make me realized the importance of blog directories. If you wish that your blog will be found by people who are interested in your content and most specially those people who are at the same niche with you then registering your blog to directories is the best option. And one of the best directory sites which I tried so far is the

You know Why? Because there are people behind it. Meaning those guys running the BlogSkinny are really true and honest to what they say. They take time to answer querries and emails that I send. In fact, I just earned myself a thousand impressions for recommending another directory which is not yet listed on their Directory of Directories.

Below are a little description of the people behind

We are a small team of 4, mostly
professional IT people who are tired of their
corporate jobs. While the corporate gig pays great,
it always leaves us feeling something was missing.
Ultimately we are looking for something that felt more
"real." After thinking on this topic for a long time
we came up with as a direction.
There are certainly others doing the same thing.
But it our hope that we can bring some unique ideas,
experience and creativity that isn't already out there.
So, we built some software and starting posting and here we are.

If you notice, I boldened and enlarge "unique ideas" because just like this blog - "Stentorized Blogging" is one of those blogs which can bring unique ideas, experience and creativity that is not already out there.

So guys as the title of this post says BlogSkinny Stentorized the Blogosphere it is your turn now to register your blogs in this directory as soon as possible.

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