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Experimenting the Free Directories

Since June 8, I did not post anything in this blog because I want to observe how this blog is doing by itself. I made an experiment by submitting this blog to selected free directories which I think are the good ones. You can see them at the sidebar. I submitted this blog to those free directories simultaneously last May 29.

I observed that submitting your blog to free directories did not help much in attracting traffic to this blog. From June 8 to June 17 there are only 19 people who visited this blog as recorded in the sitemeter report. And among the 19 visitors not even one are coming from any of those directories.

So, my conclusion is that -
"the idea of submitting your blog to the free directories will not give you a guarantee to increase traffic to your website. It is completely a waste of time if you consider the process of submission which is so laborious where you have to submit your blog to each and every directories manually."

I am now experimenting on the "dofollow" scheme by posting a comment to a blog which has also a "dofollow" page. They said that if you post a comment to a "dofollow" page your blog is automatically link to that site which the google spider will consider as such. This way your blog's PageRank will increase. Hopefully this is true. I will post here the progress of this experiment in the near future.

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  1. I have the same observation too regarding blog directories. Plus, those blog directory widgets just add clutter to my blog.

  2. Hi misterhubs,

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Yes indeed those blog directories
    widgets are overcrowding our blog space and they are untidy to look at.

  3. hello.this is constructicle boy and i have added you to the train under this link,

  4. CASH for COMMENTSJune 30, 2007 at 1:15 AM

    Thanks for comments your review will come shortly I've been getting a huge list. Haha. yeah I'm actually Laotian. But I do you lots of pinoy friends. aight thanks for dropping by. though.

  5. @constructicle boy I visited the said link its is the link that comes from me. anyway thanks for dropping by. goodluck!

    @cash for comments you are really sneaky bastard you made me tweak my blog. but i welcome it. thanks

  6. CASH for COMMENTSJuly 4, 2007 at 9:23 AM

    yes I oppose directories I think google looks done on PR if you do submit to directories, b/c its not real natural links from other blogs.


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