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Beware of Buying E-books that Cost $97

One of my online friend e-mailed me and informing me that a kind of swindling activities are going on in the internet particularly from those self proclaimed Marketing Gurus who are trying to convinced the unwilling victims to buy their money-making Ebook programs which promises a sure way to earn thousands of dollars online.

Below are some of the informations e-mailed to me:
WARNING: The 'Gurus' Are Holding Back and It's Costing You a Fortune!

Could they be intentionally leaving out critical information from their ebooks to confuse you or to swindle you for more of your hard-earned dollars?

It seems like after you buy a $97 ebook, you're told you need to buy another $497 video course. Then after buying their video course, you're still lost and told that you'll have to attend a live seminar for $2997.00 in order to bring it all together.

And the worst thing here is that after you paid all those amount you are left alone wondering how to get back those money that you spend. Because inspite of those Ebooks, videos, and seminars that you bought still you could not make money online as promised to you by those Gurus.

So, I hope this would serve as a warning to those who want to make money online in an easy way by becoming a falling victims to this kind of online "swinedlers".

Just remember this - "If it has a cost then most likely it is a scam".


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  2. CASH for COMMENTSJuly 4, 2007 at 9:21 AM

    you should not buy any eBooks. Someone is getting the information free. So should you.

  3. There's such a wealth of info out there on the net for free, all these ebooks are pretty much redundant. Especially when you consider what is going to be producing.


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