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I got Reviewed by the Sneaky Bastard

I could not imagine a certain sneaky bastard who goes by the name of Mr. P the site owner of CASH for COMMENTS could come out with an ingenious idea. Mr. P, a 25 year old Laotian, runs a Free ReviewMe Promotion in his blog. This is quite an offshoot from the ReviewMe concept. However his offer is so simple yet originally unique. It will give a win-win situation to both parties specially those who want to improve their blog's exposures and rankings.

Below is the diagram of the mechanics of his Free ReviewMe promotion:
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Though he wants to be called a sneaky bastard however this guy is cool. I enjoyed posting comments in his site 5 times. It was a 30 minute adventure yet it payoffs because I learned a lot reading his posts. Below is his suggested little snippet which to be followed or copied in your blog as part of his Free ReviewMe promotional bargain.
Yay! I got a free ReviewMe from CASH for COMMENTS. I get paid a Free Review, for posting 5 comments. You should check his blog site, he’s a sneaky bastard!
And you know what he really reviewed my blog! And good thing about him he is honest and very constructive in his review. I appreciate it and very much welcome his advise. The truth is he made me tweak my blog. I immediately made some changes as per his suggestions of what is needed to be removed and improved.

So, what do you think Mr. P? You owe me 5 comments this time. Give me your best shots you sneaky bastard! ^_^ (what I am talking here is the final part of Mr.P's Free ReviewMe promotional bargain which is "He will post 5 comments here in my blog after I posted this little snippet regarding his originally unique promotion".)


  1. CASH for COMMENTSJuly 3, 2007 at 10:19 PM

    haha. Thanks for participating. I know I'm a sneaky bastard. But hey. Wait til you see whats instore coming up. It might just have to be the sneakiest. Haha. Check back later this weekend. I might unveil it

  2. April @ Natural Health RemediesJuly 12, 2007 at 11:27 PM

    I just wonder what Sneak Bastard has lined up for the cash for comments site.

  3. he is now having a project
    Blogging Movies of bloggers


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