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Sulit entered the 10th Philippine Web Awards

The 10th Philippine Web Awards was officially accepting nominations for Filipino owned websites. And the deadline for submissions of nominated websites will be in August 15, 2007. The sole purpose of this prestigious award is to Honor The Best Filipino-made Websites, their Designers and Developers. The Awarding Ceremony will be held this coming November 23, 2007 at Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills.

A website be eligible for nomination, if this is owned by a Filipino (by birth, lineage or citizenship) or in the case of a company or organization, must be majority owned by Filipinos. For the detailed Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions of the Philippine Web Awards, just click HERE.

In line with this, as a proud member of Sulit, I would like to announce that the premiere Buy and Sell Philippines (Free Classified Ads) is now an official entry for the 10th Philippine Web Awards under the E-Services category.

We are waiting for the official announcement regarding when the voting will start because a winner will be determined on the highest number of votes. Anyone can vote online or through SMS (text message). But you can only vote if you are a register voters of the 10th Philippine Web Awards. To register just visit this Link and hope you will include in your list of websites to vote specially in the E-Services category. entry is made possible by the sponsorship of


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  2. Unfortunately, the PayEasy system is full of FUNCTIONAL errors for those trying to pay the $5 for Personal and Blogs categories. I was surprised that no one had reported it sooner or that they didn't know about the errors themselves.

    I contacted them recently and gave them step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the glaring errors that prevent a user from paying the fee. Someone contacted me today and said it was fixed. But it wasn't.

    I tested it again... and it threw out a new error.


  3. Hi fruityoaty,

    It is really sad to note that
    this kind of errors occurs
    specially coming
    from an Award giving body
    such as this.

    But I am sure they will do something about it.
    Soonest! the deadline is 4 days from now!

    Anyway,Thanks for dropping by!


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