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Filipina is a Filipino Woman

Filipina is a filipino woman. Filipinos are natives or citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. The Philippines is a country in South East Asia known as the "Pearl of the Orient Sea". Once owned and claimed by the Spaniards for at least 300 years. And eventually, bought for 20 million dollars from Spain by the United States Government which started American colonial rule to the Philippines for almost half a century.

Through this time, from Spanish Era to the American Colonization not to mention the influence of the Mexicans during the galleon Trade, the invasion of the Japanese as well as the migration of the Chinese traders, Filipinos were evolved and mold to become so adept in adjusting and adopting to change. May it be environmental, political, economics, or most specially social.

Filipinos are known worldwide for its hospitality and diligence. Filipinos by nature are peace loving people. Filipinos always show a captivating smiles a natural charm of his cheerfulness which makes him a genuinely friendly and always ready to help if the need arises.

These are the qualities why Filipinas are the most sought after woman in the world to become a bride by many foreign bachelors. It is because a Filipina has integrity. She is trustworthy, caring, loyal, respectful and non-confrontational (meaning they will not confront you in front of other people to avoid embarassment.) I could vouch these best qualities because my wife is a filipina.

However, it is sad to note that the word filipina is being associated with "dating" and "mail-order-bride". These are the works of the unscrupulous website publishers to meet the upsurge searched through internet for a "filipina-bride". A lot of foreign bachelors around the world wanted a filipina to be their wife. Thus a negative connotation for the word filipina evolved online.

For the purpose of regaining the true meaning of the word filipina and to bring relevant results to search engine, an SEO writing project was launched by Mam Janette Toral for the word Filipina. This is also to topple those that exploits the Filipina. This is the challenge to us Pinoy Bloggers. Maybe this is the time to bring out our respective expertise in blogging to defend Filipina online. Let us heed to the call of mam Janette not because of the prize at stake with this project but because your mother is a filipina, your sister is a filipina, your wife is a filipina, your daughter is a filipina and most of all Filipina is a filipino woman.

This writing project will not be possible without the support of sponsors such as,,, and Acclaim Butterflies

Below is the Masterlist of Filipina Writing Project Entries:( Final Entries are 74)
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  2. This was a really interesting blog, and I thank you for sharing it! I'm a Filipina, and I suppose I and a few other people (besides yourself) can vouch for most Filipinas we know to be trustworthy, caring, etc. But I find it to be quite a knowledge claim to say those traits apply to all Filipino women. I don't think it's accurate because then we're just saying that a Filipina is like a breed of woman, in all honestly, as it's similar to saying that all pitbull dogs are mean fighting dogs or maybe even all prisoners are jerks that deserve to rot in jail.

    What I see here is a stereotype. I'm not saying all stereotypes are bad--I for one am flattered to be considered amongst the more caring and trustworthy among women.

  3. @runningman thanks for dropping by
    you have good blog out there too..

    yes you are right that this traits are not true or accurate to all Filipinas and we are all sure about it.

    But all of us are hoping that the bad image that being portrayed online for the word "filipina" itself must be corrected.

    Those extremely negative connotations must be matched with extremely positive connotations.

    Thanks for posting your comment.

    I very much appreciated it.

    Mabuhay ang Filipina!


  4. We've known Filipina's as we were well acquainted with some Filipina missionaries who were house guests of friends of ours. We found them gracious, charming and intelligent. We still keep in touch with them to this day. Thanks for publishing an article that explains the goodness and trustworthiness of these great women.

  5. This stuff gives the real information one needs. One can feel like reaching the destination.

  6. @morgan
    thanks for sharing your experiences with filipinas.

    @lais edward
    Thanks sir.
    Coming from you
    I am deeply honored
    thanks a lot for
    the kudos.

  7. Hello,
    I am Jerome Herrera. I am the owner of Pinoy Penster Community, a website for Amateur and Professional Filipino Writers. I was wondering if we could exchange links. This will give your blog/website a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to our hundreds of visitors everyday. If you are interested, please email me at Pinoy Penster Community is located at

  8. Hello Stentorized. I would like to invite you to e-mail me an audio version of your entry so I can include it in our Filipina Writing Project podcast. Thank you.

  9. Well if promoting a better Filipina is the goal then your post should win because you just identified the good traits of the Filipina as a whole.

  10. @mam janette,

    thanks a lot mam for inviting me.
    I am ashamed+_+
    but i have to admit mam
    that I do not have the facilities
    for an audio recording with my PC.
    I don't even have a webcam and a mic.
    Maybe in the near future.
    Sorry po..:(

    @ blogoloco
    thanks a lot sir
    but it will be the best if
    all the entries could change
    the image of a filipina online.

  11. thanks alot. interesting. do you have any educational adult related survey of the Filipinas? we are looking for survey results that is adult oriented and yet non porn. you could check our site at



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