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The Aliwagwag Falls: Up Close and Personal

This is my own little way of contributing to the cause of to promote our beloved island Mindanao to the whole world. Showing to you that there is a paradise place called Mindanao which is blessed also with natural and pristine beauty. Mindanao by the way is part of our country the Philippines.

The rare footage that you are about to see is the enchanted cascading falls of Aliwagwag. This is located along the highway of Aliwagwag, Cateel, Davao Oriental. This video footage was taken by me with my nokia 5700 during our trip from Cateel to Davao City via Compostela. ( Click here in case the attached video will not show.)

The Aliwagwag Falls captivates me the moment I saw her. She is so beautiful. Her beauty makes me separated from my present reality for a moment. It seems that we have that precious little moments consuming each others presence unmindful of the time that passes by. I am so enchanted with her. You can feel its enchantment too when you watch this rare video footage specially mixed with the equally enchanting music of Enya entitled "Waterfalls".

Good Luck and enjoy!


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