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Google has Get Paid to Blog Too

Google has get paid to blog too? This was my dream just hours ago when I took my afternoon siesta. Sorry but I have to blog this. I am not trying to fool you or anybody about it. It is just a dream. But maybe somebody could get some idea out of it. Great ideas sometimes came from our dreams.

In my dream, I learned google created a get paid to blog program which is similar to PPP. Here, in this GPT program advertisers has a choice if they want their campaign to be reviewed or take the usual way via targetted adwords with adsense for content. Either way, google give bloggers a chance to earn more. And the most amazing of all about my dream was that the google pagerank was restored to all the sites and blogs that were being hit in the purging. In addition to that fantasy is that the get paid to blog program of google is exclusive only to those bloggers who uses

Wow! this is just my dream okay! but as the saying goes sometimes dreams come true! Let us just cross our fingers on this. good Luck!

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