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Bloopers!?? Anyone? I am just wondering what the message below, sent to me by PayPerPost just 3 days ago, meant. I just do not know. Hope any body could enlighten me on this, specially PPP's statement that submitted blogs must have at least 20 written posts in the past 90 days.

Obviously they are referring to this blog. I started this blog last April of this year and since then I already made 58 posts. And this post is my 59th.
STENTORIZED Thank you for your blog submission! Unfortunately, as per our terms of service, submitted blogs must have at least 20 written posts in the past 90 days in order to be accepted to our Marketplace. Please re-submit when you meet this requirement. Feel free to use PPP Direct and Affiliate tools while you work on meeting the requirements of our Marketplace! Thank you!
Well, I am not trying to be a sour gripper here. PayPerPost just paid me $15.00. And I thank them for that. I am just wondering that's all. Could they make mistakes? Or It is just a blooper.

Anyway, thanks a lot PPP for the message. I do not have any plans to re-submit my blog. I am happy now with Smorty. I am now earning more than $24.00 since I just join Smorty last October 19, 2007 and that earning is growing almost everyday.


  1. This happened to my friend as well.His blog was more than a year old,but was rejected saying that "blog must be at least 90 days old".Lol,he took that as an insult and mailed then directly.He got approved a day later.
    I heard that PPP is really good;so why don't you try mailing them?

  2. Hi sriram,

    thanks a lot
    for sharing your friend's
    experience at least
    I know now that I am not
    only the one got the

    anyway,maybe in the near future
    I will consider your suggestion.

    Thanks again.


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