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Suffering from Hemorrhoids?

One of my co-workers is suffering from hemorrhoids. He says that it is painful due to the swelling or inflammation of his outer rectum. And sometimes if irritated it causes itching and then bleeding. It is External Hemorrhoids according to the physician he consulted.

Hemorrhoids can be treated by following the self-care measures as advised to my co-worker by his physician. Aside from the medicine prescribed, one measure we must do is to keep your ass clean by washing it with mild warm water everyday and if possible do it twice a day. And, avoid using any soap because it might aggravate the situation even more. The other self-care measure which is not the least and must not be neglected is avoid using dry toilet paper after bowel movement. Use only moist or wet toilet papers, instead. If you can handle it use mild warm water to clean your anus with your bare hand but of course just do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly right after the "session". ( :

Hemorrhoids can be prevented too. The most common preventive measure which is also very accessible, affordable and most of all is very, very doable is to drink plenty of water everyday. As what my late grand mother told us always, "Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday."

However, in so may ways, you can also search in the web or in the internet lots of reliable informations from a trusted site regarding hemorrhoids. This is the most easiest and faster way of learning and knowing all about hemorrhoids. Good Luck!

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