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Mp3-Codes for Free Spells Money

My teenage daughter has her own friendster account. And while ago, I notice her that she is dressing up her friendster's profile. I ask her what she is doing. She told me that she is embedding the codes of her favorite song. She got it from

I immediately inform my daughter with enthusiasm that the site owner of mp3-codes is a filipino. And according to what I read from the other blogs, that site is the highest google adsense earner here in the philippines. It has an estimated earnings of more or less $30,000 U.S. per month from adsense.

So, after my daughter is finished using our only personal computer, out of curiosity, I visited that Mp3-Codes site. I am so amazed on what I saw because I notice that it has 5,361 users online. No doubt that this site is earning huge amount of money. To further my curiosity, I found out that the alexa rank of mp3-codes is 3,350. It means that among the millions of sites and blogs all over the web the Mp3-codes is placed by as the 3,350th site in terms of traffic ranking. Wow! I feel envious... he he he well, that is normal you know!?

Anyway, after contemplating and analyzing the real reason of its great accomplishments, I concluded that one of the factors of its success is the "free codes". shares free codes to the more than 50 million users of friendsters. That's it! Eureka! Mp3-Codes for free spells money!

So, maybe by giving "anything" for free to the millions of internet surfers will also spells money for us. Whatever it is that is all up to you. Good Luck!

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