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Why I signed up for PPP

Why I signed up for PPP? This is the question that I am so willing to answer. Well, I signed up for PPP simply because I want to earn more money while blogging. That's it!

I tried almost every money making opportunities before which I think I could earn some bucks from them, such as pay to read, pay to click, pay to surf, and even those affiliate marketing programs like agloco. And of course, who did not tried the google adsense?

Anyways, to tell you the truth, I already became a member of PPP months ago but unfortunately my agloco blogs(not this blog, of course) were not accepted at PPP's marketplace. So, what I did, I join the PPP's affiliate program instead and install it's affiliate badge in my agloco blogs hoping that others will join PPP through my referral link. Then after I installed those badge, I forgot about it. I even forgot PPP.

However, last month or last October just right after posting a blog about the Philippines which can now received payments through PayPal, I obtain an email informing me that PayPerPost just sent $15.00 to my Paypal account as payment for someone who joined PPP through my referral link.

This development rekindled my enthusiasm to try to submit my blog again for the inclusion at PPP's marketplace. This time I submitted this blog STENTORIZED but unfortunately it was disapproved, at first. Lucky for me, somebody posted a comment in my blog post entitled "Bloopers" advising me to write an appeal to PPP Support Team to ask for a re-examination of my blog. Truely, they reviewed my blog and eventually accepted it in the PPP's marketplace.

So, now here I am doing an opportunity to get paid to blog. Hoping I could earn more. I already taken 2 opps from PPP and those posts are already approved and will be paid to me after a month. This post is only my third one. Yet, I am now in loved with PayPerPost. This is one hell of an opportunity that you will not simply ignore.
"Never before I met this kind of program that could transcend all other money making programs there is in terms of earnings. In the get paid to blog programs a lesser known blogger could make more money. Hope this kind of opportunities must not be suppressed or subjugated but instead must be duplicated so that more opportunities will be opened to the lesser known bloggers whose majority of them just want to make a decent earnings through the internet." - STENTORIZED


  1. Do PPP accept blog with no PR? many blog with PR3 have become no PR or PR zero because google doing something again.

  2. Just had my blog rejected after 4 months of being registered with them. They have said my blog is "being kept up only for purposes of payment through our services and/or payment from on-line contests, lotteries, pyramid schemes, etc". I use either Smorty or SponsoredReviews instead.

  3. Hi surya,

    my blog was approved just days before it was hit by the purging of the google pagerank.

    well, lucky for me..hehehe

    also PPP has just designed RealRank as to oppose PageRank.
    Soon the RealRank will be the bases for PPP's opportunities.


  4. Hi colin,

    why not try to make an appeal?
    maybe this time it will be approved..



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