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PageRank Dilemma

Well, it seems that the whole blogosphere is talking about it. I decided to make a post about the page rank.

Some say it is just a page rank and has nothing to do with our traffic or our site's visitor. Those who worried about it are those bloggers who sell links and those who are making a paid review. Most of the bloggers who are hit by the purging are mostly doing those things. Specially bloggers who signed up for PPP. But, ironically PPP's home site has still a page rank on it, so to speak. Yet PPP even threatened to oppose PageRank by designing RealRank.

The Big G must have a second thought about implementing the purging of the PR to all undesirable sites and blogs. They must realized that they are the ones who made the PR and people just make some innovations out of it. People took it as an opportunity base on the benefits a site could get if it has a lot of links or backlinks for a higher PR. Now, they are cleaning there own mess. But, the problem is people still look for another alternatives or opportunities out of it.

PPP started Real Rank. Maybe somebody will start another innovative ideas that will benefit them out of this purging of PR. Advertising in the internet is now a multi billion dollar business. Monopolizing this kind of business is their own business. But we can not discount the fact that others are trying to at least grab a share of this multi billion dollar Pie. Hope, the lossers in the "battle for supremacy" in the advertising business will just confined to those big companies.

So, braced yourselves guys, the PageRank dilemma create a "battle of supremacy". Just hope that whatever the out come of this will be for the common good of all. And pardon me for this kind of post, I am in dilemma now! : (
I do not have a choice. I am already hit by the purging. From PR of 3 down to PR of zero. Good Luck to all! Time to post another PPP opportunities. bye!

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