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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is an SEO expert and soon to become a master of it. He is now running his first ever mini-SEO contest.

To win this contest, your post must be ranked the highest for the unique keyword on January 4, 2008. That unique keyword is Marhgil Macuha, of course, and the required link is Prizes at stake is $100 for google and $50 for yahoo.

Marhgil MacuhaMarhgil Macuha is a blogger and He is recently recognized as one of the 2007 Top Pinoy Probloggers here in the Philippines. I learned a lot from his blog. So,even if I win or not, this is my own little way of recognizing and honoring him for the knowledge I got from his posts. Good Luck!


  1. goodluck sa contest!

    sumali rin ako for the Marhgil Macuha keyword..

    you can check my post here:

  2. Salamat!

    good luck din po!:)

  3. I also joined the contest and I can see this is going to be fun and learning for me. You can find my post here ...Marhgil Macuha Post

    good luck!


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