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Proven Secret to Really Make Money Online

You remember my post entitled Mp-3 Codes for Free Spells Money? Where I came out with a conclusion that maybe by giving "anything" for free to the millions of internet surfers will also spells money for us?

This conclusion of mine became stronger after I learned how performed, in terms of traffic or site's visitors, for the month of November 2007. It was reported that it generates 10.4 million pageviews and 1.7 visitors for that particular month alone. Could you imagine how much will be earning just for the google adsense impressions only? Remarkable! isn't it? by the way is the premiere Buy and Sell Philippines (Free Classified Ads) which I am also a proud member. Base on my surfing habit, I never missed visiting this site almost every day. I use this site for my affiliate marketing and recruiting purposes.

It is FREE! So, why should I pay for other advertising sites when there is And aside from being free, your ads will be surely read by the right persons, because people who will visit this site are the ones who are looking for something to buy, to sell or to look for any classified ads that will interest them. Could you ask for more?

"Free is the proven secret to make money online. It is in coherent with a popular yet always forgotten adage that the more you give the more you receive." - Stentorized

So, I give you this informations for free. Hope you will learn from this. Good Luck!

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