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The Right QOUTES

I remember our elementary school teacher who was so mad and furious because a lot of us could not spell right, all the words which has a letter " Q ".

So, what she did every time we started our lessons in Spelling for our English subject, she would let us recite first this simple qoutes three times.

Below is that simple yet famous qoutes she formulated, to wit:
"To spell every word which has a letter Q.
The Q always followed with a letter U." (repeat 3x)
Therefore, the Right QOUTES is QUOTES. However, it is sad to know that google recognized the word QOUTES as one of the most searched key words here in the Philippines. And take note, if you will try to googled this particular word, it has more than 1.8 million page results with this misspelled word, as of this writing.

I learned about this matter because Marghil Macuha discovered it and tried to conquer the number #1 spot for this particular word in search engine result page or the SERP. Thus, another mini-SEO challenge is on, using the keyword QOUTES. And this post is my attempt to take that challenge. How about you? Good Luck!

Below are the List of all Quotable Qoutes for your immediate reference:


  1. Hi, I put up a new site since my old one (digitalfrap)disappeared from google, appreciate if you can link to my qoutes post… thanks


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