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Vedio for Video

This vedio will show you the most beautiful and charm lady bearing herself for your enchantment while watching her.

Why vedio instead of video?

Vedio for video brings out more than 1.9 million results in the google search engine as of this writing. It is quite amusing how this mis spelled word are being used and posted in so many sites and blogs specially in youtube.

Sex vedio is also indexed and brings out more than 2 million results as of this writing. And the most amusing is the words - six vedio - being typed in the searched engine by most people in search for sex video sites.

Vedio is supposed to be video. However, lots of people really believe that the right spelling of this word is vedio. Well, anyway this information is just posted to let everybody know that this things happen. And, I do not have any intentions to malign those who committed mistakes in the spelling of this word.

Enjoy watching this six vedio and have fun!

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