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Microsoft Owning Yahoo

It is now the newest and hottest buzz ever hit the internet world today. And that is about Microsoft offering a whoopping $42 Billion to acquire Yahoo. Wow! Could you imagine what will be the future of the internet world when this acquisition will be push through?

"Just like what I wrote in my post here entitled, PageRank Dilemma and PageRank Dillemma 2 , I stated that this PageRank penalties will create a battle for supremacy between the giants and other big online advertising companies. Advertising in the internet is now a multi billion dollar business. Monopolizing this kind of business is their own business. But we can not discount the fact that others are trying to at least grab a share of this multi billion dollar Pie." - STENTORIZED

According to Michael Liedtke, an AP Business Writer, Microsoft Eyes Yahoo to Topple Google:
Unable to topple Google Inc. on its own, Microsoft Corp. is trying to force crippled rival Yahoo Inc. into a shotgun marriage, with a wager worth nearly $42 billion that the two companies together will have a better chance of tackling the Internet search leader.

Once again, my conclusion is just the same as before, braced yourselves guys, the PageRank Dilemma creates a "battle of supremacy". And it is now happening. Good Luck!

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