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The Last Post for My Google Adsense Earnings

In fairness to you guys, I would like to inform you that this will be my last post for my earnings from Google Adsense. I decided that this is it, because this is already the third time that I am going to prove to you that I am really earning from Google Adsense. Also, my goal to earn monthly from google is already achieved.

These were the links of my previous posts My First Check from Google Adsense and Anybody Can Really Earn. So now, for the last time and also as a proof, below is the screen shot of this particular payment details.

Google Adsense Earnings

If you notice the date of the payment it was prepared last April 24, 2008. Yet the statement of earnings was available only in my google adsense publisher's dashboard last April 26, 2008. So, on the following day that was last Sunday, I decided to try to claim that particular earnings to the Western Union Branch particularly the one inside the Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Guys, I tell you even on sunday you can claim your money from the Western Union. Google Adsense is really the best when it comes to paying their international publishers. And I would like to thank Google Adsense for using the facilities of the Western Union Quick Cash because it is really quick.

I am praying that I could maintain the monthly earnings and with hardwork I could increase the amount too. But, please accept my apology because those earnings will no longer be posted here. Sorry.. :(

So, Help Me God! Good Luck :)

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