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My first AdBrite Check

Actually, my first AdBrite check which just arrive today is not supposed to be the first one. It is already my second one. Confusing, isn't it? :()

Well, it is like this, my first check as payment for my publisher's earning from AdBrite was sent sometime on the first week of March 2008. And, as what AdBrite says, checks for international publishers will arrived at least 21 days after it was sent. However, a month had passed, that particular check did not arrive.

Then, I earn again! AdBrite is obliged to processed and sent the second check to me last April 03, 2008. Luckily, that second one arrive today. Of course, I considered it as my first AdBrite check - technically. Right?
Below is the image of the check and its envelope for your easy reference.
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I am sure you want to know what happen to the one did not arrive. I just sent an email to AdBrite last 2 weeks ago and inform them what happen. AdBrite support team replied that they immediately advise their bank to stop the payment for that particular check and safely return my money to my AdBrite earnings.

So, now I am expecting, that on the first week of May, my third check will be processed and this will be received by me on the last week of the same month. Hopefully! Good Luck!


  1. Congratulations on earning money from your blog. I have a different target, but would love to make enough to even pay for gas, but have not. I am making enough to pay for the costs of hosting and buying the URL, but not much more. I appreciate your honesty and transparency. Steve Kirk
    Making Perfect Sense

  2. Congratulations! I just begin with adbrite adsense at
    It work very great but a little low pay per click.

    my site display 175,712 zone but only with 67 clicks with $5.31 including the CPM payment.Abnormal?

    Do you have any sharing to maximum the ad click?


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