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PayPal Donation Button

While reading Brian Gorrel's blog, I learned that a lot of people all over the world sympathized on his sad experiences with people whom he trusted. And according to him, a lot of his readers are sending him money through PayPal Donation button which he installed in his blog. One of his sympathizers even sent him a whooping $1,000 U.S. dollar. Onetime! Wow! that is the power of a blog, my friend.

I envy Brian Gorrel because his PayPal Donation button is being used by a lot of people. They sent their donation money to help Brian recover his life's savings which he lost by trusting the money with his friend.
Sorry this envy of mine came from the notion that I need help also. :(

I had installed my PayPal Donation button for quite sometime now. Yet, nobody is sending me money even a dime... And the reason is I did not blog or post about why do I need the donations for or why somebody will donate for me. Silly, isn't it!??

Nope!... I did not do it because I do not believe before that there are generous people out there who are willing to spare their money to help other people through - PayPal.
But well, after reading Brian Gorrel's blog - The Talented Mr. Montano, my doubt was suddenly gone.

Hope, I have the guts to post or blog my pressing problem which only need a miracle to solve it by myself.

Maybe in HIS time... GodBless!


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  1. dont worry maybe brian needs it more than you, who knows someday Yahweh will bless you also and will use somebody (smorty and paid reviews) to share something.


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