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Post Exchanges

As my first Post Exchanges for Smorty, I am given the task to review or post something about the blog of Steve Allen entitled "news plus". And the blog title says it all. This is regarding the news mostly about celebrities such as actresses, singers, and other personalities. There are also news from international scenes. So, News Plus is a blog about news written by radio presenter and stand-up comic Steve Allen.

This is my first time to visit Steve Allen's blog courtesy of smorty post exchange program. Hope this program will serves its purpose in gaining backlinks for our respective blogs which we enrolled in smorty.

And I would like to congratulate Steve Allen for the reason that his blog is the first of the so many blogs that I am going to review in the near future. Because by doing so, this blog of mine will gain a review by one of the member of smorty. So, the program is about review me and I will review you. Good Luck!

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