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The Talented

I am so curious about the news of ABS-CBN regarding a blog authored by a somebody named Brian Gorrell. Curious!? because that TV Network is broadcasting about this news two days in a row already. Also, because I am a blogger too. :p

Well, that particular ABS-CBN news is talking about a certain Brian Gorrel, an australian, who was being scammed by his former filipino boyfriend. Accordingly Brian was being conned of his life's savings which is more or less $70,000.00 U.S. dollars by this filipino boyfriend. And his unique way to get even is to blog about it. In his blog he is now exposing the secret lives of several filipino personalities belonging to a high society. Curious!?

However, this post is not about the secret lives of those personalities but this is about the power of a blog. I could not imagine it until now. I have been blogging for more than two years already but I never realize that a blog could make or break the lives of anybody. That a blog could even make a TV network spare enough airtime to broadcast about it.

The Talented Mr. Montano. That is the title of the blog that Brian Gorrel created. I found this blog through google search while ago. And my curiosity grows as I read Brian Gorrel's blog. Curious!? I am still reading it. Good Luck! :-)

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