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What Happen to Virginia Tech Massacre

It is so gruesome to hear that kind of news. I could never imagined a safer place like Viriginia Tech will put into the map of violent crimes. But what happen will be a wake up call to all concerned specially to our government authorities. Maybe the law in acquiring guns will be reviewed and scrutinized. It is sad that guns are easily acquired by anybody.

To think about it, it is my opinion that the root cause of this massacre is money. First, the killer hated students coming from a well-to-do family and he feel discrimanated because those students who are rich can afford to buy expensive gadgets and accessories for their own comfort.

Second, the gun shop owners let the killers buy guns from his shops. Why he let it? Because of the profit he could gain from selling those guns to the killer.

So, bottom line is, it is all about money. And I stentorized it!

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