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I love Cars. I love to watch elegant cars. I am dreaming to have one of them. Hopefully it will be realized in the near future.

Amongst the cars that I liked most are the Mercedes Benz. The Benzes are the most well-made cars in the whole world. For me, its elegance and sleekness combined with a well engineered machine is a must for every car buyers to consider with. And the mercedes has it all.

I have a lot of pictures of cars stored in my personal computer. Everytime I have the urged to watch those cars I just click the power point slides show. And with an amazement, I watch with awe the cars slowly unfolded right before my very eyes.

However, though I love cars, I am not so expert in telling the specifics of each every cars. I just love to watch them and I do not bother to memorized what type of engines each cars have. Well,
that is ironic but I love cars.

And it is well stentorized on this blog. I love cars but I do not know what specs each car has. Okay?

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