STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Kumiko's Cash Quest the real example of Stentorized Blogging

I started to notice Kumiko Suzuki's blog when she posted the infamous "AGLOCO will not make money online! Ever!" last February 11, 2007 that stirred the whole AGLOCO community. I even commended her on the comment section of that post praising Kumiko and tell her "...That is so genius of you". Yes is really a work of a genius and all her posts could justify that. Not to mention the traffics and earnings she got even she just started this blog last December 30, 2006.

Now a new look and a new domain transforming the old blogspot blog to will greet the loyal friends, visitors, and readers alike of Ms. Kumiko Suzuki. She really never ceases to make a genius move. Transforming her blogspot give her a sole ownership of her site which means total control on what will become of her new domain.

And in effect, she launches a competition as her way to share the joy of having a new domain the

What Can You Win? ( Below are the details of the competitions which I quoted)

$100 Cash Paid via PayPal!
A full review of your site! (value: $40)
A one month link in my Super Sites section! (value: $40)
A two week 468x60 banner ad at the top of this site! (value: $50)

The winner will be chosen via a lottery and you can choose how many tickets that you have in the draw! The more tickets that you have, the greater chance of winning!

Here's how to get the tickets:
150 Tickets
: A post on your site with one link to the new domain the anchor text 'make money online' and one link to this competition page using any anchor text.

For example:

Kumiko has new domain and she's giving me a chance to make money online too with her new Cash Quest Competition!!

80 Tickets: Change an existing link in a post to point to the new domain!
70 Tickets: Add me to your blogroll with the new domain!
70 Tickets: Update my existing entry in your blogroll to point to the new domain!
60 Tickets: Leave a comment on another site letting them know about the domain change!
50 Tickets: Make more money by signing up to Text Link Ads!
50 Tickets: Subscribe to my feed!

I wish Kumiko a best of luck and more genius move as she goes along. Actually this blog Stentorized Blogging, I admit, is inspired by Kumiko's way of posting. Her style in presenting her ideas to her blog are all in one "unique". Her blog is the paradigm of Stentorized Blogging. One good example of her stentorized post is the "AGLOCO will not make money online! Ever!".

I waited for the right moment to acknowledge Kumiko's influence on this blog eventhough this will not even get close enough if you compare it to her blog. But, nevertheless the idea in presenting a topic and blogging it all out is still there. Specially the idea of how to make money online.

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