STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Stentorized Blogging in a New Look

I change the look of this blog in order to give way to the two new features of which was just added recently by google. Before, I am using the old template of which I modified a little bit. Sad to say I was not able to screen shot the old look of this blog. However, you can still see the old look at the snap shots of other blogs or sites that link here. Such as the Project Agloco blog and among others.

Anyway, this blog utilizes the video and the news feature of Here you can see the video embeded which is powered by google and the videos are coming from the YouTube files. And the news are also powered by google as well.

You can control what video or news that will appear in your blog. Depending on what expressions you want to offer to your readers or visitors. But you can only used this features by using the new customized templates. So, it is really a good bye to old templates forever.

I was encourage to used this new feature when I was able to stumble upon a newly created blog which impresses me and caught my attentions. This blogs are JOBS IN IRAQ and JOB OIL RIG. This two blogs inter-link to each other and has a simple concept but displaying a very unique presentations of what it offers to its visitors. It utilizes video and related news regarding the industries that they offer. The tag line of this blog is "Very Risky but High Paying Jobs". Well, if you are interested to find out what are those jobs please feel free to visit those blogs.

Acknowledgement : JOBS IN IRAQ and JOB OIL RIG

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  1. Hello Johnny,
    How are you doing? Thanks for the linkbacks. Happy blogging friend. Check out my new template..:)

    Project AGLOCO


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