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5 Ways to Make Money Online without Spending

When I created Stentorized Blogging, it was also my aim to make money online without spending any cents. What I mean here is that it is my convictions not to spend any money to pay for a web hosting company for my own web, buying domains, pay somebody to design my web site, paying for traffics, and etcetera and etceteras.

It is some sort of a case study of mine on how an individual could earn money on the internet with out spending. I surf the internet to look for any blogs or sites on how to do it but nothing any closer which are reliable enough (which) could teach us how. All of them are hypes and almost a "too good to be true.." offers which most likely at the end will forced you to spend money.

Furthermore, all of those blogs/sites spend "dollars" just to have a well design website with a high page rank and attract more traffics. Well, of course, it is a good investment specially if you are projecting a very high ROI (Return Of Investment) for your venture.

But what I am trying to accomplished here is how to make money online without investing. Just a free web host, like Bloggers which is my favorite to use and google adsense then my little knowledge in writing. That's it no more no less.

Given those resources, I found out that we could still make money online. What we only need is our convictions and dedications in realising our dreams. If you are with me, maybe we could start this scheme - for us who do not have the resources and for those who have the resources but does not want to spend a dime.

So, below are

  1. Use a free Web Hosting for your Blogs/Site ( I recommend

  2. Decide Well on What kind of domain name and topics your blog want to tackle.

  3. Monetized your blog with google Adsense. ( is owned by google so you do not have a hard time to apply for the adsense.)

  4. When you have already made enough content on your blog do not cease to visit other blogs with the same niche with you and post an honest comment on those blogs and ask for a link. This is the most crucial thing that you must do with convictions and dedications because this is the only way your blog could gain popularity and ranking for the search engines. If your blog is popular and with high PR (page ranking) then it has a great possibility that traffics will be coming in for your blog. More traffics mean more possible CTR or impressions for the adsense in your blog which in return will translate to earnings.

  5. Lastly, to realize the no. 4 which is the most crucial then, I am calling all those bloggers out there specialy those who want to make money online without spending and to those bloggers who want their blogs be popular and long to raise their respective blogs to a higher PR that we must unite and join together. We need to link to each other without any hesitations. If your purpose is to make money online then we must join together through linking, promoting or reviewing each others blog. Don't waste your time chasing those already popular sites/blogs and ask for a link or review most likely they will ignore you specially if your blog is new. So, Let us make history by making a difference! Lets bring the blogging phenomenon to the next level through stentorized blogging.

If you are interested to join with me just post your blog link at the comment section here and let start the blog rolling. For your reference visit my review on Project Agloco's blog.


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