STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Stentorized in Blogger Party

I just join the Blogger Party. This is some sort of a webhost where you can create also your own blog. But what is unique on this site is stated in its feature below and I quote:
With so many blogging communities out there, you might be asking yourself why you should choose Let me just name some of the features we currently offer:
  • The ability to blog - about what you want, when you want.
  • You retain ownership of anything you write on our website.
  • Refer others and make more money.
  • Keep a buddylist for easy access to your friend's blogs.
  • Send and receive private messages through our site.
  • Add meta keywords and a description to your blog entries for better search engine results.
  • Upload pictures to be included in your blogs or to be kept in an image gallery.
  • Receive "party points" for things you write, which can then be traded in for prizes.
  • And best of all, get paid doing it.
How are you going to get paid? You get paid through embedding your adsense code in your personal account in the Blogger Party. You have a 50% chance that everytime your blog will be visited, adsense ads with your adsense code will be displayed.

It is also quite similar to but what is unique here in the Blogger Party is that everytime you have a new post in your blog the title and the first few words of your article will be displayed in the home page of this site. And that homepage has at least a thousand unique visitors everyday and has a google PageRank of 5.

So, if you are still a struggling blogger who wants to make money with adsense while blogging I would suggest that you consider Blogger Party first because in here you can blog what you want and assured that at least a thousand will read the title of your post. And if they are attracted to the title they will surely visit your blog in order to read its whole article.

Unlike with other webhost, you create your own blog, embed adsense, and then write your article for content. But then you will be wondering how your newly created blog will attract visitors?

Not here in Blogger Party. Traffic or visitors are no longer a problem. Just make it sure that the titles of your posts are attractive enough. So, Feel Free to visit Blogger Party and Good Luck!

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