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Stentorized on Bucks for Blogging

When I check this blog, "Stentorized Blogging", and scanned its homepage or frontpage to check how my blog is pairing I noticed in the sidebar under the "Blogging News" a featured article entitled Bucks for Blogging. Out of curiosity since this is one of the niche of this blog, I clicked the link of that article in order to read its whole story.

The article was just posted by Mr. Jason Wilson of PC World on 30/05/2007 at 13:29:40. He wrote that One person who has made a living out of blogging is Darren Rowse. A former church minister, Rowse lives in Melbourne and got into professional blogging almost by accident.

Mr. Darren Rowse told him further how he started blogging and I qoute:

"In preparation for an overseas trip (in 2003), I started a photo blog to show family and friends some of the digital images that I took while travelling. I also posted a review of my digital camera. In checking my blog traffic, I found that no one looked at the images, but that the review was quite popular in Google. A light went on in my head and I began to wonder what would happen if I had reviews of hundreds of cameras."

This led to Rowse doing the occasional camera write up, along with gathering other reviews into his blog.

"I actually found that my readers wanted to compare multiple reviews of the same camera all in the one place." The blog soon turned into a collation of digital camera reviews and links from around the world.

It is really so inspiring to learn how an ordinary person and in a case of Darren Rowse a minister became a successful blogger. At first, Rowse only purpose in making a blog is to show to his friends and family images or pictures of the places he visited while traveling. And at the same time review the digital camera he used for taking those pictures. Surprisingly, as Rowse said visitors of his blog then were not interested on the images he posted but the review he made on the digital camera he used. This experience gave him the idea and pave the way towards his ventures on making money while blogging through writing reviews.

And today, Rowse now runs two blogs ( and and is a co-founder of b5media ( - one of the largest professional blogging sites currently online. b5media employs nine full time staff and contracts around 100 bloggers from around the world to write on a variety of topics.

Mr. Darren Rowse even gave 5 TOP BLOGGING TIPS to Jason for all the bloggers to note and I quote:
  1. Select a topic you know and enjoy: You need to be able to still see yourself writing about it every day in the next 2-3 years.
  2. Be yourself: Write in your own style, don't pretend to know about things that you don't, and remember to inject some personality into your writing.
  3. Develop relationships: Build relationships with readers as well as other bloggers. You're building an online community so be engaging.
  4. Provide useful and unique content: A mistake many bloggers make is that they just regurgitate what others are writing. Say something that is unique and enhances other people's lives and you'll attract readers.
  5. Experiment: Learn quickly that every blog is different, and what works on one won't always work on another. So experiment with different ways of making money, driving traffic, styles of writing etc. and when you find something that works, stick with it.

Well, what caught my attention is the tip no. 4 specially the word "regurgitate" which means to repeat or reproduce what has been heard, read, or taught, in a purely mechanical way, with no evidence of personal thought or understanding. I do not know to you but sometimes I was guilty of it specially when I start blogging last year. However, I learn quickly and make some experiment with different ways which gave birth to "Stentorized Blogging". And hopefully, I could make Bucks for Blogging.

Reference at Source: PC WORLD

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  1. CASH for COMMENTSJuly 4, 2007 at 9:30 AM

    wow. I think i hit all 5 points on those tips. Ok this is 5 thanks for participating


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