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Tomorrow is a great Equalizer

Tomorrow, May 14, 2007 is an election day for all the people in the Philippines. There are about 45 million registered voters who are going to trek to election polls to vote.

The filipino people will vote for 12 national senators among the 36 running. And at the same time will vote also for governors, mayors, congressman and etc. for their own respective localities.

As the report says, this is the most number of election related violence and death that is recorded in history. Also, this is the most expensive elections when it comes to expenses that incurred by all the politicians specially at the senatorial level. The amount combined is so staggering that it reached to a more than One billion pesos.

This expenses are so astonishing and it is sad to note because in reality a lot of filipino people at present have nothing or less food to eat as required for a human being.

But, anyway this post is about tomorrow as a great equalizer. It is because of the fact that people from all walks of life has only one vote to cast. May he be a billionaire,an executive, a businessman, a farmer, a vagrant and etc. everybody has only one vote. Nobody has a privilege to cast a vote more than once.

This is the other side of my stentorized blogging. This is the reality of tomorrow's election. And this is the bright side. This is a reminder to all of us that in an unfair world we live in there are events in our lives, whether we like it or not, we become evenly equal with our fellow beings.

So to all my fellow countrymen, I ask you to vote wisely! God Bless Us All and our country the Philippines.

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