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You could Earn $5,000.00 a month through Blogging

When I saw the trailer of GMA-7's Mel and Joey a day before it's regular show every sunday I was thrilled because they were hyping the Internet Blogging as newest way of money making venture for filipinos. I am not use to watch Mel and Joey show even just once before but because of this I made it to the point that I could watch this particular episode.

This particular episode of Mel and Joey was aired last sunday, August 19, 2007. If you missed this show let us thank romph for uploading it in youtube.

The best part of this show is when one of the host announced - You could Earn $5,000.00 a month through Blogging. Wow!

However, it gives me a little bit disappointment because I am blogging for over a year now but I could even hardly make $50.00 a month. It is good that I visited Yugatech site owned by Abe Olandres the man being interviewed in that show of Mel and Joey. Here he explained through this post "Welcome Notes to Visitors from Mel & Joey" that his earnings of $5,000.00 a month through blogging is not quite true. And I am relieved from my disappointment.

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  1. thanks for posting this
    it gives me an idea and
    make blogging a new hobby.
    And at the same time, earn from it.


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