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Pinay Scandal

Pinay Scandal is the most widely search phrases according to google. More than tens of thousand search everyday was being monitored by google for this phrase. Why is this so? What is pinay anyway?

Pinay is a slang or short name of the word filipina. And a filipina is a filipino woman. Filipino woman are known for her natural beauty and lovable human beings. They are so attractive to a lot of males specially to foreigners around the world. And because of this, people with bad intentions are pimping filipinas online. They took the advantage on the weaknesses of some of these unfortunate human beings. They are like vultures who live abundantly at the expense of others' misery.

How about you? Are you trying to take advantage on a poor filipina? Are you sexually arouse watching the pictures of her naked body? Do you loved to watch pinay scandal videos while playing yourself? Hope you will realize that what are you doing is indirectly raping those human beings. At the very moment you typed "pinay scandal" on a search engine, you are already raping her. Please stop it! Thanks a lot and God Bless you!
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Below is the Pinay Scandal Hitlist courtesy of Marhgil the originator of this campaign:


  1. Pretty powerful post...I had no idea that was the most widely searched term...and it's a really crappy reason behind it. Would be nice to crack down on this sort of thing but if it's outside America only so much we can do, other than not watch it, like you stated

  2. Hi matthew

    that is a good observation
    and thanks a lot for committing
    not to watch "it"

    good Luck!

  3. hi! kindly delete (Pinay Scandal by Heart) on the list. nakikisakay sa campaign, tapos ngayon, porn site na ang loko with those adult ads na rin. thanks!

  4. @marhgil

    it is done sir.
    thanks for the notice.
    bye bye Heart..hehehe


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