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Angelina Jolie Nude

Angelina Jolie is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses. Lately, she was cast as Grendel's mother in the movie film Beowulf. Surprisingly, as others are claiming she allowed herself to be shot nude without using any plaster or some sort of covering for this particular movie .

The picture below are now scattered all over in the internet. I posted it here so that others will have a chance to look and judge if Ms. Angelina Jolie is really naked in this picture.

You can zoom in/out the image. And using the mouse cursor, you can even scroll on it to have a closer look and scrutinize every inch of Angelina Jolie's Nude body. Try it now, it is fun!

Angelina Jolie Nude
Is she really naked or not?
What can you say?

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  1. like what i was telling myself..."dream on dude, dream on.."

    it's just technology. still very fine technology indeed.


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