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The Entrecard Phenomenon

I join Entrecard last night through Marghil Macuha's site, where I first learned about it and the benefits of joining this newest free advertising phenomenon that hit the entire blogosphere. Truly, just this morning some of my traffics are coming in from fellow Entrecard members who are so willingly drop a card here in my blog.

These new experiences prompted me to also doing what an Entrecard member must be doing and that is to drop my card to each and every blog I visited. The very purpose of this is to gain EC credits so that I can buy an advertising spot to other blogs. The whole process becomes addictive and because it really works it is now considered as the Entrecard Phenomenon that hit the realm of blogosphere.

In so doing, I chance upon to the site of our fellow Pinoy Bloggers where The Big List of Pinoy Entrecard Members are listed, for easy reference in our card dropping activities and also for love linking purposes. So, below is that big list, courtesy of Pinoy Entrecards which will be updated from time to time as more and more Pinoy bloggers are coming in after joining the Entrecard network:

The Big List of Pinoy Entrecard MembersNote: This list will not be updated anymore. If you want your blog be included please let us have a link love otherwise go here. Thanks and good Luck!


  1. Thanks for the generous link love!

    Can you also add my other websites to the list?

    Maraming salamat! Merry Christmas!

  2. hi! i'm on entrecard too, i saw you on my dashboard and approved your advert too :)

  3. maari po bang isama ako sa listahan?

    maraming salamat po.


  4. Salamat pos sa link.. I am not yet posting about this .. But I think Entrecard rock

  5. can u add my blog on ur entrecard link list?

    -Journal Entries of Bro bren

    thanks and mabuhay ka!


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