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What to Blog

I been in this situation for days now. It hit me. I want to blog but I do not know what to blog. As what the other probloggers says, this is just a natural phenomenon to all bloggers.

Bloggers, sometimes face a blank wall and a blank mind when it comes to what to blog. It seems that the urge to write is always there yet when it comes to what topic you will blog it becomes blank. Almost nothing. No topic, no post.

So, finally I decided to blog this predicament of mine. To share to you and to my feed subscribers that I am still here. And always thinking what topic should I offer you. I owed you all, at least, a post every 3 days. Hope you will keep up with me because I valued your subscriptions to this blog.

Pardon me, but I would like to take this opportunity also, to greet you all a Merry and Holy Christmas. God Bless to all of us! good luck!

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