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PageRank Dilemma 2

In my previous post entitled, PageRank Dilemma, I stated that this PageRank penalties will create a battle for supremacy between the giant and other big online advertising companies, and that statement is now confirm. The battle has just begun.

I just inquisitively read this intriguing articles from IZEA Blogs posted by Ted Murphy of PayPerPost himself stating that Matt Cutts Confirms Double Standard. Ted is referring to Google implementation of PageRank penalties which according to him "there hasn't been a uniform application of PR penalties for sites/blogs with paid pagerank passing links". Ted even mention TechCrunch as one of the sites which violated that particular Google's policy.

Matt Cutts of Google , before going off line next week, did not let this statement left unanswered. He took time posting his rebuttal in the comment section of Ted's intriguing article. This is the first paragraph of his comments and I quote "Hi Ted, in our conversation I said that we detected the sort of banner ads and links the TechCrunch did quite well already. I do think that that what I sent by email is a fair statement; if we know that some links in a post are paid, that would naturally cause us to look closer at other links within the same post".

Guys, this is a good read and I recommend to visit that particular post to absorb and comprehend what was really transpired on the series of conversations between Ted Murphy of PPP and Matt Cutts of Google. Other big names in the blogosphere also posted there, their's as intriguing comments as the main article itself, such as Andy Beard and among others.

And my conclusion is just the same as before, braced yourselves guys, the PageRank Dilemma create a "battle of supremacy".

This new development on PageRank Dilemma is indeed one hell of a year ender to all of us. The new Year, 2008, will be marked as an exciting and breathtaking episode in the history of the entire Blogosphere. Good Luck and Happy New Year to every one!

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