STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Year Ender Review

This is my version of a year ender review. It summarizes my experiences and gains with this blog.

Well, this blog STENTORIZED was created and started last April of 2007. I have a lots of blogs before this blog was conceived. All of them are not designed to make money online. So, my sole purpose in creating this blog is to prove to myself and to the world that I could make money online with out spending a dime. Particularly, of course, from the Get Paid To post/blog companies.

Truly, I proved that it can be done. But before the money making venture was realized this blog undergoes a lot of patience and hard work. You can not do it over night. Specially, if you do not intend to invest a single cent to buy adverts, buy reviews or links for your blogs.

So,what I did was to utilized whatever are there to utilize in order to make this blog be recognized and be known. I listed this blog to almost all the free directories that I could find and participated to contest, love links, and others just for this very purpose. I even took time to make valuable comments to other sites specially to those with a "do-follow" site.

Finally, last September, the moment has arrived, this was recognized by Google and gave this blog a PageRank of 3 from PR of N/A. Yehey! I said to my self. This development signals my engagement to the get paid to post/blog companies. I immediately signed-up with Smorty and PayPerPost.

At first, I received offers and took several sponsored posts from Smorty which made me an easy money amounting to $120.00 all in all. And for PPP, I already make more than $50.00 as of this writing. However, this money making venture was a short-lived because this blog was hit by the Google PageRank purging. From PR of 3 this was penalized to PR of zero. It was an unfortunate development for this blog. It is like, that when you finally have it they decided to take it away from you. Smorty just stopped giving opportunities while the PPP seldom give opportunities and if ever there is one I could not grab it because a lot of bloggers got it first.

Nevertheless, this blog still earning from the adz coming from Adsense, Widgetbucks, Adbrite and others. Furthermore, I just learned how to get opportunities from SponsoredReviews. Now I have 5 paid assignments to accomplish and to be posted before January 06, 2008. I have yet to study and learn how to get offers from Blogsvertise.

So, the philosophy of Making MOney Online with NO MOney at all is still the sole purpose for this blog, STENTORIZED, comes 2008. Hope I could make more money in the new Year. Good Luck to me! :)

Also, because a few hours from now, year 2007 will be officially ended please allow me to greet you my valuable readers and subscribers alike - a Happy and Prosperous New Year to One and All! GodBless!


  1. hi.. i share your sentiments. my blog was penalized by google too. it's now PR-0.. i don't accept reviews for that blog now but I use my other blogs in accepting reviews. i made over 700 dollars last december..

  2. Hi lady influence,

    thanks a lot for sharing..
    a lot of bloggers really
    experiencing the same
    sentiments as we do.

    Congrats for your other blogs
    which could accept other reviews.
    Mine still in the process..
    so that it can be qualified and accepted in the "get paid to.." companies. and eventually can accept reviews too.

    Let's just cross our fingers that
    the big G will be lenient enough not to deprive us for this kind of
    opportunities using its PageRank.

    good Luck!


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