STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Anybody Can Blog

Anybody Can Blog
Although each of the world's bloggers would like to dispute this fact, we Pinoys know the truth: The best blog in the blogosphere is made in the Philippines. The best blog in the Philippines is made in Mindanao. And the best blog in Mindanao, some say, is made by Stentorized...

Bwahahahaha.. I got you out there guys. Didn't I? Well, it is just my wish do not throw knives anymore, please.. he he he.

Well, I just watch Ratatouille and the opening narrative of this film is similar to the one above I just edited or changed the words . I am inspired by the story of that movie. So, in line with the sub theme of Ratatouille which says Anybody Can Cook, I could relate the story to somebody out there that Anybody Can Blog. A common people like us could make it possible because blogging is not only confined to rich individuals or to big businesses.

Each and every bodies could make a blog of his own if he wants to, even if he does not own a personal computer or a laptop. I could vouched this because when I started blogging I did it inside the internet cafe. Would you believe it?

Here is the Main Ingredients to start yur Own blog:
- you must have an email account preferably with google.

- you must have a computer. In our case we can use one at any Internet Cafes nearest you.

- you must have a free blog host. In our case, I highly recommended or also known as the (just like this blog)

So, you have now the main ingredients to make a blog. Now all you have to do is used those ingredients. First, go to the Internet Cafe, sign-up for an email account if you do not have one. If, You already have an email account sign-up with and encode your email address here when you are asked. It will only take you 3 steps to make your own blogspot site. And right there and then, you can now start blogging.

Simple isn't it? Anybody Can Blog , just believe it!

Stay tuned with this blog because I will post in the near future the next steps you might need to take, after creating your own blog. Or just for your own convenience subscribe here to make my future posts automatically emailed to you. Good Luck!

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