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Why Own When You can Rent

I saw this phrase somewhere while surfing the internet last week. And I was surprised because it addresses to U.S. residence telling them "Why Own a house if you can Rent one." It implies that owning a property or a house in the U.S is already next to impossible because of the sky rocketing prices of real state properties and the high cost of building a house itself.

These situations are already supported by the fact that the statistics of Americans with bad credits are rising with a steady and alarming phase as the time goes by.

However it is good to note, that there is one website company whose sole purpose is to help Americans with bad credit loans. This is the the user's guide to bad credit. Good Luck!

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  1. Yeah.. I heard this news before... Anyway, in my country.. this is not the case... where owning your home is more preferred rather than renting.

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