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Anybody Can Read

This article is a continuation of my previous post entitled Anybody Can Blog.

Well, maybe this time, after successfully reading and following Anybody Can Blog, you are already enjoying your new found hobby - and that is blogging. Blogging is a very addictive hobby at that, specially when you know that somebody somewhere visited your blog and probably is reading your posts.

Yes, you got it perfectly right. Your blog must have online visitors and probably read your posts. This is the only way you can go on blogging if your intentions, of course, is to make your blog go public. Otherwise you do not have to be worried about your blog's readers if you prefer to make it private.

Generally, almost all bloggers choice their respective blogs be read by other people. Because, as a blogger, or a writer for that matter, there is no sense of purpose in writing articles if nobody reads it. The success of your being a writer or blogger depends on how many people is reading your piece.

So, if you are now wondering, how you are going to start accomplishing those criteria I just mentioned above, below are the first basic steps you need to do:

- be natural. Meaning when you write a blog it must be coming naturally from your senses irregardless of what topics you are writing about.

- share your blog. Since you are "blogging naturally" you can now invite your family, friends, classmates, and others to visit your blog and ask them what they can say about your posts.

Those are the basic things that you must observed when you want your blog to be read.

Anybody Can Read all you have to do is to let them know that you have a blog worth reading.

Once again, stay tuned with this blog because I will post in the near future the next steps you might need to take, for your blog. Or for your own convenience just subscribe here to make my future posts automatically emailed to you. Good Luck!

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