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Yahoo Google Microsoft

The news of Microsoft takeover bid over Yahoo excited me specially when the bid offer is amounting to a whooping $42 Billion. What a billion that is?

My excitement turns into a thrill when the news came out of the alleged calling of Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang to thwart the bid of Microsoft.
Yahoo Google MicrosoftThe thrill I felt is like watching the Super Bowl when The Giants beating The Patriots. But here the Big G (not the Giants of course! the G stands for Google) trying to beat the Big P (Patriots? nope! the P stands for Philantropist because Bill Gates is known of being as such) from touching down to acquire Yahoo. Google make that move because Microsoft Owning Yahoo will certainly poses a serious threat to Google's dominance in the internet search services and online advertising.

Yahoo Google Microsoft. How about you guys? Are you in favor of Microsoft Owning Yahoo?

Well, if you ask me I do not in favor of one company monopolizing or dominating the internet industry. It is good to have equal competitions to avoid conceited business practices done by some dominant companies. Just my Stentorized opinion.

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